Polycool Quotation

Polycool Solar Control Inserts are specially designed to fit '99% of all conservatories' with polycarbonate roofs and suitable for clear, opaque, opaline, blue, bronze and other tinted roof panels.


Polycool Solar Control Inserts are also available for 'widespan PVC' roof systems including 'Plastmo Everlite' and 'ULTRALITE 500'.


To provide us with information so that we can give you a quote please Click Here to Contact Us, The information that we will need to provide you with a quote is listed below.


What conservatory information do we need?

As all conservatories vary in size and style, we require the following details, which are very simple to obtain;

  • Conservatory STYLE - Lean to, Edwardian, Victorian, P-shape etc.
  • EXTERIOR conservatory dimensions - Depth X and Width Y
  • Roof channel WIDTH - (measuring tramline to tramline and not the internal measurement)


We need to know the STYLE of your conservatory. Which of the following designs is yours?


Polycool Conservatory Types

If your conservatory style is not displayed, call us on 01386 830356 for our assistance. Alternatively send us a sketch & brief description by email or post and on receipt we will contact you to discuss. (refer to contact us).



We need to know the EXTERIOR SIZE of your conservatory (At floor level).


  1. Dimension X - As indicated - (Depth 'usually from the house wall to the front of the conservatory')
  2. Dimension Y - As indicated - (Width 'the extreme frontage width of the conservatory')

Polycool Measurements

N.B - If you have a P-Shape conservatory please treat as 2 separate areas, one as a Victorian Style and one as a Lean To, and measure each area seperately.



Most importantly we require the CHANNEL WIDTH of your polycarbonate roof panels to produce an accurate quotation & supply you with the correct width of Polycool insert.


The CHANNEL WIDTH can be measured in one of two ways;

  • From 'inside' the conservatory 'measure' (preferably in millimetres) the width of the channel as displayed - from'visible tramline to visible tramline' using a ruler or measure (or if you have a Polycool brochure using the self-survey form).


  • Alternatively, from the gutter edge, remove one of the 'endcaps' and measure the 'top channel width' and if possible top channel depth.

N.B - If you are taking details from your conservatory plans, please note the size quoted will be the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet and not the channel width.